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Lifestyle Brand Marketing Consulting Services


Project Management


Get your project managed by Experts!

Hire our specialists for specific project as standalone or part of your existing teams. You will be matched with the right hukman re-sources that will collaborate with your remotely.
Media Management
Communications Coordination
Analytics Monitoring & Reporting


Marketing Plan

from $1999

Marketers with Portfolio of huge ROIs.

Our direction will conduct a deep analysis of your organization, its known and invisible competitors and the trends shaping the industry it operates it, including internal and external interviews and review of recend academic literature. We will deliver a comprehensive marketing plan and map the resources and stakeholders necessary to implement it effectively
In-depth Audit
Trend Based Innovation
Data-based Scientific Approach
Actionable Models & Creativity


Enterprise Brand Strategy


World class Enterprise Strategists!

Multi-layered projects for structured corporations can rely on the expertise of our consultants that follow specific cases for extended period of times in order to advice management in real time on the brand strategy and implementation.
Multi-vector Collaboration
On-site Visits & Special Projects
Dedicated Team
All Timezones

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