We serve following industries

Desing: fancy chair

After decades of mixed results, global established and emerging designers are back at delivering outstanding creations that will outlive their times. Industrial design featuring innovative concepts is back in every area – Ikono is here to help them make them a topic of conversation

Luxury: Handbag

Status is an evolving concept and today’s high net-worth individuals and aspiring ones are willing to invest in family treasures that not only signal personal success, but reflect their values and ideas – We speak the language of this new consumers and will be your interpreter

Wellness: spa bed/massage

Health is wealth and mental health is increasingly a top priority for high performers: Players shaping sophisticate lifestyle contexts around wellbeing are well positioned to surf this rising tide – We will help you shape holistic experiences that attract the right guests

Real Estate: terrace with view

A traditional option that remains attractive in every economic scenario, real estate keeps making news as the go-to for many seasoned and new investors – we help you communicate your proposition to domestic and international buyers looking to diversify their portfolio

Food: chocolate box

We are what we eat and today’s consumers know it well” from grocery to specialty, food brands that can design a solid value proposition are set for higher volumes and margins – We help you reshape your category and conquer the global shelf

Travel: pagoda/exotic

You enjoy a trip three times: when you plan it, when you do it and when you remember it: the ultimate experience is an adventure discovering the new: top of mind destinations and stays are in everyone’s mounth – Ikono’s team has experience in promoting tourism industry players, both private and institutional

Living: fancy lamp

The place where we spend most of our free time deserves attention in every detail, every object that our gaze will meet thousands of time has the potential to improve our overall wellbeing. From lighting to furniture, finishing materials and objects, we help the living space industry offer the best experiences.

Lifestyle: Horseriding

Everyone loves to share their best moments and appear cool and in-the-know, the lifestyle products and services that outsell their competitors are the ones that make your costumer improve their personal brand – We are here to define them

Fitness: dumbbels

Beyond vanity, sports help us stay fit and healthy, it is for this reason that the industry is booming and attracting thousands of new players. By staying on top as the go-to fitness brand of your niche you can unlock superior profits in the areas where everyone is ready to spend.

Fashion: sunglasses

Nothing speaks about ourselves like what we wear: it is here that the global consumer is willing to invest. Both big players and boutique brands are faced with the same challenges in an industry that evolves fast by nature – Becoming a lifestyle brand is the key to start defining the rethoric in the fashion space.

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