The Venice Biennale: Lessons from an Art Institution

Italy’s Venice does not require much introductions, but besides being the country’s most coveted travel destination, the “floating city” hosts one of the world’s best managed art institutions, attracting the cream of the crop of the international scene in its multiple venues with a thick agenda of thought-provoking events and expositions: the Venice Biennale can … Read more

Richie Hawtin between music and technology

Richie Hawtin: between music and technology with one step in tomorrow “keep one-upping yourself and give people new experiences” The hammering rattle of his most renowned track “Spastik” reassumes Hawtin’s style: an industrial yet harmonic mix of energizing beats that sharpen and blur at the same time the perceptions of the listener, carrying him into … Read more

Anish Kapoor’s Public Art

Mastering Spaces: Anish Kapoor’s Public Art “to make new art you have to make new space” Sir Anish Kapoor is an Indian-born British artist born in Mumbai. Anish Kapoor has created some of the most unique and mind-blowing artwork globally. His pieces often call up a sense of shock and wonder in those who view … Read more